Fall Fanatic

Okay so. I have officially moved on from documentary topic number one and on to hopefully bigger and better things. As much as I love barns and stopping by the roadside to try and find the story they tell me, I think I need to widen my gaze a bit. Unfortunately, due to lack of interest, the Southeastern Regional Barn conference was cancelled. Sad day.

So I’ve decided to discuss a passion of mine: fall.

I love fall probably about eighteen thousand times more than the average person, but living in North Georgia there are certain things that uniquely make this my favorite season.

Last week, I brought up football and falls (Turtleback and Rainbow, that is). More to come with foliage, festivals, …

This week…family.

This past weekend I got to hang out with my nephews, Trey and AJ.


3 thoughts on “Fall Fanatic

    • Visually I wasn’t worried, but interview-wise… I was struggling once that conference fell through.

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