photo booth anyone?

So I set up an impromptu photo booth in my living room this semester. I asked everyone to bring in one item that defined them and tell me why.

Name: Sara Stansell     Item: Brushes

“I love art.”

Name: Slade Dale     Item: Apple

“I chose an apple because apples are my favorite of all the fruits on God’s green earth. When I was a child I would eat at least two apples a day. I like apples because they remind me of home, which is where my family is, and those are the people who I love the most.”

Name: Ethan Gudger     Item: Knife

“I am from Ellijay. I’ve been hunting since I was months old. I carry a knife everywhere I go. And I brought the knife just because I don’t have a gun in Athens.”

Name: Claire Dellinger     Item: T-square

“My metal T-square defines me because-erm-it represents my life as a landscape architecture major. I need the straight line to guide my work and the metal edge for cutting clean lines.”

Name: Allyson Quinn     Item: Mask

“Allyson is wearing a mask because she likes to hide…and wants to fly.”

Name: Will Reynolds     Item: a puzzle

“A puzzle is symbolic of my life. There are many pieces that make up my life; sometimes I have the pieces together and sometimes I don’t. Also, to put a puzzle together I have to have a foundation for it. For my puzzle, I used a table. For my life, Christ is that table or foundation.”

Name: Duane Jurma    Item: Map of Romania

“I am Romanian. It’s my life. I’m in a Romanian band, I go to a Romanian Baptist church, and I speak Romanian…fluently.”

Name: Ashley Hines     Item: Read Above

“My sister painted this for me when I moved off to college. It is a quote from Dr. Suess who is a childhood favorite of ours. It reminds me to be who I am regardless of my surroundings.”

This also happened to be the evening that I came down with a horrible stomach flu. When I stopped throwing up eight hours later…gross, I know…this is what I found…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many thanks to Laura Register, Laura Sue Butler, and Will Clark for the gatorade and ginger ale…and filling up my CF card.


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