lessons learned.

On the fifth day after I had arrived in Gressier, Haiti, our translator asked me a great question: “What have you learned this week?”

I don’t think I was even halfway through processing what we were doing each day as we got up and spent the day working with fear and trembling. Now that I’m back, I asked myself that question again…What have I learned?

I learned that Haiti is not Africa.

I learned that children love unconditionally across the globe. They simply wish to be loved back.

I learned that the love of God is enough. Enough to walk away with, enough to break language barriers, enough to change lives.

I learned to live a better story. To fill my pages with adventure rather than a weekly trip to the beauty parlor.

I learned to never forget the stars and the majesty of the artist who created them.

I learned that community makes all the difference.

I learned that what is lost can always be found.

I learned that obedience and trust are always worth the risk.

I learned that there is always beauty to be found in brokenness.



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