So I took a bowling class for my PE in my last semester of college. Still I don’t know what drove me to that choice…mainly because I hate bowling.

Like, seriously. I really hate bowling.

My last memory of it was in high school when my friend Scott’s mom purchased four HOURS of bowling for all of his friends. How or why anyone would ever willingly bowl for four hours is beyond me. I’m pretty sure I gave up when I went to throw the bowling ball and it went behind me instead of in front of me…

Nevertheless, I signed up for the class, and at the end of the semester, and the end of my college career…I think that bowling and I have improved our relationship. I’m not saying I’m about to be best friends with the Showtime employees or join one of the 70+ bowling leagues or get my own personalized bowling ball with a rolling bag or anything like that. But at the end of bowling I can happily say that I learned some things. Not that they have anything to do with physical education, but here we go…

First…activities, no matter how miserable they may seem, can always be fun with good friends.

Second…yes to music. Always. Even if it takes you dancing the electric slide on the approach to get it.

Third…celebrate victories…even if it’s only ONE PIN!


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