mexico: day one

So at 8 am yesterday we arrived at the Atlanta airport, and after some juggling of luggage managed to get most of us below the 50lb checked luggage limit. Looking at the table of meds we have currently lined up in our mission house, you would be amazed that we still had room for clothing for ourselves.

After arriving at the Cancun airport (and being asked multiple times why we were going there since it wasn’t spring break), we met up with Mauricio and his wife Laura, piled up our bags into vans, and headed to our mission house that we would be staying at for most of the week.

We got to meet Mama and Papa, who live in and run the mission house while guests are there, and had time to relax, take a nap and freshen up. And wow are we spoiled. After sweating it out at clinics all day we get to come back to slightly arctic air conditioned rooms, a pool on the roof, and wireless internet.

Then, at night, we all sat around before dinner and shared our stories. It is so cool to see the different backgrounds and experiences and gifts all evident on our team and I am excited to see how those work together this week as we serve. I can already tell there will be lots of laughter…


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